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Congress Management



29/08/2019      venue
09:00 Registration Reception desk
09:30 Opening ceremony IDE arena
10:00 Keynotes speechs IDE arena
11:00 Coffee break Coffee
11:30 1a. Psychology and physiology
1b. Product parameters

1a. IDE Arena
1b. Crouwel
13:10 Lunch Main Hall
14:10 2a. Holistic comfort
2b. Autonomous vehicles

2a. IDE Arena
2b. Crouwel

Coffee break Coffee
16.20 3a. Comfort/Discomfort strudies
3b. Applied Comfort/Discomfort
3a. IDE Arena
3b. Crouwel

17:40 Close IDE Arena
18:50 Bike ride Main Hall Entrance
19:20 Dinner Knus Zavelpad 3, 2616 LH
21:50 Bike ride Knus Main Gate
22.20 End
09:00 Welcome IDE Arena
09:10 4a - Comfort Assessment
4b. Transportation systems
4a. IDE Arena
4b. Crouwel
10:50 Coffee break Coffee
11:20 5a. Comfort Modelling
5b. Product Development
5a. IDE Arena
5b. Crouwel
Lunch Main Hall
14:00 Comfort Methods IDE Arena
15:00 Workshop questionnaire IDE Arena
16:00 Tour Main Hall
17.00 End and return bike key Reception desk